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Hi everyone, I’m so excited to finally share my new personal website with you!
As web developer, mobile app developer wanna be ( still newbie for mobile app development), designer, logo creator, i introduce you my new personal web ! Although not informative as i imagine, wkwkwk.

childhood passions

I Don't know that have a passion other than Computer Stuff.. but i rediscovered may Childhood Passion that i like Innovation Stuff!!
If you have any idea of innovation stuff, feel free share your thoughts with me. I am already curious to hear about you :).

Recent Work

Arsana Lab (Upcoming)

Creative & Innovation Mobile App Development.


Training & Workshop Planning on Ministry of Finance. Collaborate with Muhammad Imam as Actualization Assignment.


Business Process Model Infomation System Web App at Inspectorate General - Ministry of Finance.


Record Center Information System Inspektorat Jenderal - MoFIG.

Portal Itjen 2017

Intranet Web App with Personal Information System .

Animac (2007)

Japan Culture Community.

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    Central Jakarta - DKI Jakarta
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